Why Wait?

As I consider what to write for my new blog posts, I’m feeling this reluctance to actually start writing until I land on the perfect topic and am able to express myself perfectly.  Now mind you, I have a list of really good topics over two pages long.  So, it’s not for lack of material to write about.

If I wait until that perfect topic and a perfect way to express myself, I may be waiting a while (and getting frustrated because it’s not flowing).

But I notice in my psyche somewhere underneath the surface, that I do that sort of thing in other areas of my life.  Waiting for the perfect time to have that conversation I need to have with a friend, spouse, or family member.  Waiting until my head is completely clear before I schedule clients to see.  Waiting until just the right time to leave that job.  Waiting to go to marriage counseling until everything seems right.  Waiting to get my act together before I try to engage with God.

Why do we do that dance? I think often it is just fear of the unknown.  The familiar may not be ideal, but it is familiar.  It’s comfortable in a way.  I think we often get overwhelmed by all of the negative possibilities of taking the action we know we need to take.  I call this “what if-ing.” We go through our list of what if this or what if that and try to come up with a failsafe plan to address all the negative possibilities.  The problem, I think, with that approach is that negative outcome possibilities are infinite.  If we try to have a plan for each negative possibility, we will freeze up and wind up doing nothing.

I’m curious about the input you the reader might have on the dynamic I’ve described in this short post.

What is the price of waiting vs. taking the actions we know we need to take?

1 thought on “Why Wait?

  1. My dad says ‘you can’t play “what if” history’. I realize as I type this he means past regrets and you mean future fears. But we could always change it to ‘you can’t play the “what if” game’.

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